UNLEASH HELL is a brutally hard wave based Arena FPS that tips it’s hat to the games that pioneered the FPS genre. With fast paced action, plenty of blood-n-guns and more demons than you can shake a shotgun at, you will be truly tested as you attempt to beat Satan’s trials in order to win your soul back and get a ticket home.

Unleash Hell upon waves of demons in hellish arena-style environments that evolve as you progress. Face Overlords in Boss Battles as you work your way through the ranks until you ultimately face Satan in a battle for your soul. Unlock the arsenal from hell to devastate everything Satan throws at you.

Abilities, Weapons and Player Skills can be upgraded in the Hell Shop between waves, if you survive, to become the ultimate soul-less killing machine.
Combine “Totems” with abilities to create even more terrifying power and send those demons and their overlords back to the pits of hell where they belong.

An original pulse pounding Heavy Metal soundtrack will provide the background for all the demon slaying you will be doing as you fight your way deeper and deeper into Hell.

Tune in to Realms Deep 2021 on August 14th! Live show starts @ 10am PST.